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12 Free HubSpot COS Templates That Helps You to Generate Maximum Revenue

Are you someone who is working as a HubSpot COS Developer? OR Are you an owner of IT company who is providing the services of HubSpot COS Development? Then, you must have an idea of how HubSpot Platform works. In the recent times, where Traditional Marketing has made its way for the Digital Marketing, there has been a lot of demand of Inbound Marketing and one of the best ways that business can move towards that is by using the HubSpot Platform.

Those who are currently working on HubSpot COS Web Development must be knowing about the HubSpot COS Templates which is offered by the HubSpot platform to craft your website in. Now, if you’re working as a developer or designer in any Web Development Company for a long time, then you must be knowing the importance of website templates. It is the various templates which help you to make a beautiful & attractive website that too with minimal effort.

The same is the case with HubSpot where it provides the developer & designer with various HubSpot COS Website Templates to make their job much easier. There are various types of templates which are offered by the HubSpot platform such as Email Templates, Blog Templates, Landing Page Templates, Website Page Templates, System Page Templates and a package which consists of a combination of these templates, which can be really helpful to all the businesses.

Now, All of the HubSpot Website Templates can be divided into two major categories. Some of them are free while for other you have to pay the fixed amount to the HubSpot. Many MNCs tends to go for the paid templates as having a large budget dedicated for HubSpot and their ultimate aim is to be the best in their niche and for that, they don’t care about the amount of money. But if you think about small & medium scale businesses, they have a limited amount budget to spend.

The same is the case with any startup organization where they are looking to establish themselves in the market and therefore, they are looking at the HubSpot platform but they can’t spend too much money. So, what’s the solution? It’s very simple. There are some free templates available on the marketplace which you can use for HubSpot COS Web Development. In addition to that, if you’re looking to migrate your site to HubSpot, you can use the PSD to HubSpot COS Templates which will definitely ease out your lot of work.

There are thousands of free templates which are available on the HubSpot marketplace which can be utilized for the various purpose, but the challenge is found the best available templates which save your invaluable time as well the money. Suppose, you’re looking for HubSpot Migration and you search for PSD to COS Templates, then there will be hundreds of templates in the search results and you will get confused about which is the best one.

Now, you all be thinking that how can I find the best HubSpot Templates? Are you worried? Then don’t be so. Today, I’m going to give you the ultimate list of 12 free HubSpot COS Web Templates which will not only ease your work but also help your business to generate maximum revenue. So, let’s analyze each template one-by-one.

Email Templates:-

[1.] Sonata:-

Sonata is one of the finest HubSpot Email Template that you will ever see. According to industry experts, it is one of the finest HubSpot COS Templates that have come into the market. Developed by Web Canopy Studio, Sonata is a template which gives you the opportunity to market your product, latest blogs, news, etc. For that purpose, the template is providing you with the documentation guide which helps you to use this email template in an effective manner.

[2.] Root Offer Email:-

Root Offer Email is one of the most innovative HubSpot COS Website Templates that has come into the market. It allows you build an attractive offer for your products or business by providing you with various tools to generate a catchy headline and great content, which are regarded as one of the pillars of any inbound marketing campaign. In addition to that, this template has been tested in many environments, so the guarantee to success with this is 100%.

[3.] Ridge Email Template:-

If you talk to any HubSpot COS Designer about the best email templates, then he/she will surely mention about the ridge email template in his/her list. Ridge Email Template allows the business to design an effective inbound marketing that not only attracts the audience but also helps the business to increase their ROI. The template not only offers various tools for effective email writing but also help you to direct that emails to the targeted audience, which is great.!

Blog Templates:-

[4.] Overture:-

Developed by the Web Canopy Studio, Overture is one of the finest blog templates that you will ever see. Hubspot platform believes in giving the best possible services to the users and therefore they have crafted a blog template which is fully-loaded and easy to use not only for the experts but also for the newbie. Over the years, Overture has been used many HubSpot COS Certified Agency in order to set up the blog for their client & help them to market their product.

[5.] Aero Blog:-

Aero Blog is one of the most useful blog templates that you will find in the HubSpot Marketplace. Developed by the Adhere Creative, Aero Blog has been a go-to template for many users across the globe who want to develop their blog. It not only offers you a beautiful and attractive template for your blog but also helps you customize that template according to your needs. Due to its easy-to-use and flexible approach, Aero Blog has become popular among the audience.

[6.] Aplite Blog:-

Created by the Salted Stone, Aplite Blog is one of the most downloaded blog templates as far as the HubSpot Marketplace is concerned. Aplite Blog is used by many technology companies and organizes across the globe in order to manage their professional blog. One of the best things about the Aplite Blog is that you don’t need to worry about anything related to the blog, the template will set up everything on your website. Social Sharing, Post Listing & Hero Image are its key features.

Landing Page Templates:-

[7.] Cadenza:-

Landing Page plays such an integral role in any website. It is the first point of entry for which the users will enter your website and therefore it is necessary to have a good landing page which helps you to covert. That’s where Cadenza comes into the picture as it allows you to create an attractive landing page by providing you the various tools for the background image, headline creation, dotted pattern overlay, image banner etc. You can customize this template if required.

[8.] Landing Form:-

Developed by the Landing Pixels, Landing Form has been one of the most popular landing page templates which are used by many HubSpot COS Developers around the world. Landing Form has been designed in a way that all the requirement of a user is fulfilled. One of the USP of Landing Form is that it allows you to choose the primary color for your landing page which means you can do various customization with your landing page according to your requirements.

[9.] Gradient Landing Left:-

Gradient Landing Left is affordable, reliable and customizable landing page template which helps the various business to craft a lovely landing page that helps them to generate maximum leads. This is one of the best HubSpot COS Theme available on the marketplace which can be used for multipurpose. In addition to that, Gradient Landing Left allows the designers to develop a responsive design which allows you to grab the attention of your visitors from various devices.

Website Page Templates:-

[10.] The Startup Framework:-

As a developer, if you’re looking to migrate your website from PSD to HubSpot COS, then you will surely think about which website page template that I should choose in order to make my site very good. That’s where The Startup Framework comes into the picture as allows the businesses to craft a lovely website. In addition to that, it also helps the marketers, designers, and developers to create HubSpot pages and that too at a rapid pace, which everyone wants to do.

[11.] Stratus Homepage:-

Stratus HomePage is one of the most used website templates around the globe. It is regarded as the most modern website template by the various industry experts. One of the great thing about Stratus Homepage is that you don’t need any specialized skills of website development in order to work with this template. This pack includes a various version of various websites and landing page templates and therefore you can easily add your content to the best fitting page.

[12.] Vast Homepage:-

Previously known as the HubTheme Vast, Vast HomePage is one of the most wonderful website page templates. Actually, Vast Homepage is provided as the default HubTheme by the HubSpot platform to all its customers. Awesome features like Call-To-Action (CTA), Modular Approach and Background Image make Vast Homepage the go-to choice for many businesses around the globe. In addition to that, by using this template you can build an effective marketing campaign.

Summing Things…

There are no one-size fits all type of approach in HubSpot COS Development but with my experience of working on this platform for a number of years, I have made a list of 12 free HubSpot COS Templates which can be most useful for any business. After reading this article, you will be aware of the various HubSpot templates which will help you when you plan to build your website on the HubSpot platform. Thank You.!

If you’re looking to Hire HubSpot Designer, you’re at the right place. eSparkBiz is a leading HubSpot COS Agency which will help you to build your website on the HubSpot platform. We have dedicated a team of HubSpot designers as well as the developers who will work wholeheartedly to craft a lovely website according to your need.
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