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Solve your Confusion about Develop Website with HubSpot COS Platform

Confusion 1: Load time of the page in HubSpot COS is very long

Custom HubSpot COS Development
Note that your site's loading time depends on several factors, both locally (Ex, related to your local Internet connection) and non-local (Ex, the design of your site). For example, if you are using a new computer or a high-speed network, your site will be loaded faster if you used an old computer on a low-speed network.

Well, it depends on the criteria you ask. COS environment itself has no magical properties other than Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, but it was built to be dynamic as competitors. You must also take into account the hosting environment (server) and content delivery network (CDN) that is one of the greatest impacts on the page load speed. HubSpot COS Development uses CDN vendors first class like Akamai for reliable time availability and incredibly fast performance. So what is true about the performance of the website COS? According to the study Yotta, COS pages were the fastest among other things with regard to the loading times.

Of course, we are aware there are many variables that affect the overall performance and people may have doubts about this study. In addition, there are optimization tools in the COS environment, then when you build your site COS, ask the web development agency to work on such difficult performance problems in the design because it is considered important for the overall user experience.

Confusion 2: HubSpot COS is not a good solution for non-technical users

For each project, the non-technical user is not so sure and will not try the same way. In fact, some of them seem to think that a bad move could cause the computer of fire.

If this were the case, the whole concept behind the HubSpot platform would be wrong and would not succeed. HubSpot was built as a complete platform for vendors, not developers. So from the beginning, you had an easy to use toolkit for non-technical traders that could help them attract, convert, and close pleasure customers.

At the launch of COS in 2013, HubSpot has pursued the same basic concept. Each vendor received effective tools to create simple good page conversion and good implementation. We have already mentioned the content modules and flexible sections that can be used for building or restoring non-technical pages by drag & drop. The same procedure is applied when creating the landing pages, HubSpot COS Templates, and blog posts. Any job marketing used to involve coding has been simplified and streamlined for technically unskilled users to be easy. They are able to build all sales and marketing tools with the same interface.

Confusion 3: HubSpot COS is new on the market and there are not many tutorials, forums, help centers etc.

If we talk about it 4 years ago, it is fine, but today, the blogging tool of HubSpot Marketing integrates with another tool that you use, such as CTA, lists, and automation.

We know that HubSpot Platform was Published in 2013 and compared to Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal is brand new on the market, but there are many sources to get help, find solutions and share ideas. HubSpot COS has a support team that integrates customers to help you when something goes wrong. There is 24/7 support by phone or email, unlimited instruction and training HubSpot Academy Access to Community or HubSpot Ideas Forum. In HubSpot COS platform also a certified HubSpot partner network, which can provide a high-quality, creative services and local user groups.

Confusion 4: HubSpot COS is new and we can expect security problems

HubSpot COS Development

HubSpot provides 24x7x365 coverage immediately to respond to all events for security and confidentiality.

The HubSpot platform site provides a SAN Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Basically, the data exchanged between the website server and the user's browser encrypted and protected. This is a clear message for the visitors who rely on their content and their data on web forms can not be visible to the authorized staff.

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